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Like all of our plasters, it softens up boxy rooms and adds a warm depth to your walls. Colors range from architectural gray to ocean blues to earthy reds and golds, blending with any style home. It is made from a variety of clays, aggregate, mineral pigments and a non-toxic mold inhibitor.




Enjarre™ (n-har-ray) is our only single-coat product. This application eliminates some of the labor and cost typically involved in finishing a wall. It can be applied to achieve a range of finishes, from very smooth to rustic and textured. Enjarre™ can be used as a basecoat for our other products.

Approximately 100 to 140 square feet per 63 lb. bag (per coat)



Loma™ is the original earth plaster and our best-selling product. It conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces. Made with reclaimed marble sand and multiple clays, our patented formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities. Loma™ is also the basecoat for our Lomalina™, Porcelina™ and Marittimo™ plasters, and can be used as a second coat.

Approximately 180 to 220 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat)



Lomalina is our ingenious blend of Loma™ plaster and Porcelina™ plaster. With the application ease of Loma™ and the silky smooth finish of Porcelina™, Lomalina™ is a truly desirable finish. The plaster is our newest finish, released in February 2013. Lomalina™ is used as a second coat only.

Approximately 200 to 250 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat)



Porcelina™ is satin-smooth and easily blended for a marble-like surface. This product is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy. The quality of Porcelina™ is similar to the porcelain ceramic for which it was named. Porcelina™ is used as a second coat only.

Approximately 300 to 400 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat)



Marittimo™ is a name created with the sea (or mar) at its core. Marittimo™ uses recycled, crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast. This finish lends itself to a smooth waxy feel or a textural sand finish depending on your choice of application. Marittimo™ is used as a second coat only.

Approximately 160 to 180 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat)



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